Gutfeld: Newsom Flinging Mud While Neck-Deep in a Sewer

Gutfeld: Newsom Flinging Mud While Neck-Deep in a Sewer

April 5, 2023

Monday on Fox News’ The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld called out California Gov. Gavin Newsom for saying he cares about preserving democracy while letting homelessness and crime run rampant in his state. Gutfeld argued that for Newsom, “it’s more American to let people die on your streets.”

“It’s more American not to arrest people. Gavin Newsom is basically flinging mud while he’s neck-deep in a sewer,” Gutfeld said. “He talks about authoritarianism in red states, but who is more free? There’s nothing less free than a lawless state. The only thing worse than a police state is no police at all state. It’s a criminal state. He governs a criminal state.”

Co-host Jesse Watters argued Newsom is going to states like Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi to test the waters for a potential 2024 presidential run if Biden opts not to seek re-election.

“Gavin is just waiting in the wings in case anything shakes out with Joe,” Watters explained. “And he ran it [a new political ad] by Biden. He told the White House he was going to campaign in these red states. If he was campaigning in swing states, that would be more threatening. But he’s going to deep red states, still connecting with donors, still testing out lines, getting his legs loose.”

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