Gun-Grabber Durbin: ‘Time to Name and Shame’ AR-15 Makers

Gun-Grabber Durbin: ‘Time to Name and Shame’ AR-15 Makers

July 21, 2022

In opening comments Wednesday for the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on “assault weapons,” gun confiscation enthusiast Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said it is “time to name and shame” makers of AR-15 rifles.

Sitting with various AR-15 advertisements placed prominently behind him, Durbin claimed absurdly that there have been “309 mass shootings” in the United States this year, then showed a video in which gun control proponents repeatedly using the phrase “weapons of war.”

“Why are these killing machines flying off the shelves after they were banned for a decade, until 2004?” Durbin asked rhetorically. “Maybe it’s the ads that market the ‘assault weapons.’ Symbols of independence, freedom, or the promise that owning an AR-15-style-gun will make you more of a man. Or could it be the enticing prospect of toting around the same style of weapon that soldiers and Marines use to defend our country in combat?”

First, what’s wrong with feeling free and independent and having the capability to defend your home and community? Second, those who are committing mass shootings aren’t NRA members who value their freedom and independence, but mostly the mentally ill: murderously angry young men whose problems are far deeper than being enticed by advertisements. Indeed, if they’re being enticed by anything, it’s by a news media that thrives on turning mass murderers into instant celebrities.

But Durbin and his fellow Democrats don’t care about any of that. Their aim is to disarm the populace, so Durbin blames “the marketing tactics used by gun manufacturers like Mossberg, Bushmaster, and Daniel Defense. It’s time to name and shame these companies,” he threatened.

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