Griffin: AOC Represents ‘Americans Better than We Represent Ourselves’

Griffin: AOC Represents ‘Americans Better than We Represent Ourselves’

June 4, 2021

In a tweet on Wednesday, purported comedienne Kathy Griffin oddly praised radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) in a way that suggested AOC isn’t a real American.

“You represent Americans better than we represent ourselves,” Griffin tweeted in response to AOC’s social media message about her grandmother’s impoverished living conditions in Puerto Rico.

Ocasio-Cortez was born in New York and is an American citizen. But apparently because AOC is of Puerto Rican heritage, Griffin assumed she isn’t a “real” American. Isn’t that the sort of comment that would spark a tsunami of media outrage had it been uttered by a conservative celebrity — say, James Woods? A right-wing celeb would be smeared by every media outlet as a racist for making such an ignorant remark. So far, the media response to Griffin’s blunder has been only crickets.

The profane progressive Griffin, you may recall, incurred massive backlash in 2017 for posting an image of herself holding a mock severed head of Donald Trump. Instead of taking responsibility for it and apologizing, she whined that the notoriety had adversely affected her career.

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