Green: Border Patrol Reins Were Moving in Direction of Migrant

Green: Border Patrol Reins Were Moving in Direction of Migrant

October 1, 2021

Thursday on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, race-mongering demagogue Rep. Al Green, who introduced a resolution condemning Border Patrol agents for purportedly “using their reins as lashes” while confronting migrants, ultimately accepted that agents didn’t use their reins as whips but declared ludicrously that the reins were “moving in the direction of” a Haitian migrant.

Green said, “I have a picture of what was posted on many stations, as — a person on a horse, with the reins moving in the direction of a Haitian as they were trying as best as they could to move them in a given direction. Well, this is what many people see, I’m a 74-year-old man of African ancestry, here’s what I see: I see what we saw at the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Bloody Sunday, persons on horses, persons marching across the bridge, persons being brutalized…

“So, my memories of persons on horses chasing people probably doesn’t coincide with the memories of others,” he continued, playing his well-worn race card. “I also can remember and think of the times when persons who were of African ancestry who were tethered to horses and they were beaten while they were walking, or at least there were whips cracking around them.”

What does that have to do with today’s Border Patrol attempting to secure the border from a mass invasion of illegal migrants? Nothing, but the open-borders enthusiast Green’s only tactic is to smear the Border Patrol as brutal racists.

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