Graham: Garland Poured Gas on Fire with Hunter Special Counsel

Graham: Garland Poured Gas on Fire with Hunter Special Counsel

August 14, 2023

Friday on FNC’s America Reports, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Attorney General Merrick Garland appointing David Weiss as special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation was akin to pouring gasoline on a fire.

Graham said, “This was a political decision, not a legal decision. They’re trying to put out a fire, and they just poured gasoline on it. Nobody in their right mind believes that making him a special counsel, Mr. Weiss, cleans up the mess that’s been created.”

He continued, “The plea agreement blew up. And to think that the very guy who wrote the plea agreement is seriously going to continue to investigate the Bidens is laughable. The guy that wrote the plea agreement did it in a fashion to give Hunter Biden the biggest break, maybe in American legal history. Does anybody in their right mind trust the Weiss team to continue to fairly and impartially investigate the Hunter Biden, Joe Biden matter? I don’t.”

Graham added, “This is like the dumbest, dumber-than-dirt political move. On a Friday afternoon, and anything bad you want to talk about on Friday afternoon, they make a four-minute announcement. We’re going to turn Weiss into special counsel to remove any and all doubt — Andy’s right. There is no ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden or Joe Biden. Why would you accept a plea to half the case if you continue to investigate the guy for other crimes? Nobody ever does that.”

“The only reason we’re talking about this is the plea deal blew up because of a good judge,” he continued. “In that plea agreement, they were going to wipe out all the financial transactions as a potentially criminal if he did the diversion agreement on the gun. There’s never been a deal like this in the history of America. So the judge blew up the deal. And Weiss, according to the whistleblower, has had pressure on him from day one to short-circuit this investigation. So when I hear the attorney general tell me today, I’m going to make Weiss special counsel that creates more problems and then answers that it gives.”

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