Gov. DeSantis on Biden Address: ‘We Are Not Going to Let Him Lock Down Florida’

Gov. DeSantis on Biden Address: ‘We Are Not Going to Let Him Lock Down Florida’

March 13, 2021

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told reporters on Friday, in response to Joe Biden’s recent address to the nation, that he has no intention of letting the President reinstate coronavirus lockdown measures in his state.

“Even if we devote every resource we have, beating this virus and getting back to normal depends on national unity,” the doddering empty suit Biden said in his first prime-time speech Thursday, suggesting the lockdown measures could be re-applied if Americans don’t “stay vigilant.”

“National unity isn’t just how politics and politicians vote in Washington, what the loudest voices say on cable or online,” he added. “Unity is what we do as fellow Americans. Because if we don’t stay vigilant and the conditions change, then we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track.”

“Biden last night said that they may have to impose more lockdown-type policies in the future. I can tell ya: that ain’t happening in Florida,” the Republican DeSantis stated defiantly the next day. “We are not going to let him lock down Florida.”

“To even contemplate doing any time of lockdown, honestly it’s insane,” the governor and future President added. “We like the fact that people are able to work here. We like the fact that we’ve been able to save thousands, thousands of businesses and save people’s livelihoods and we love the fact that parents have the right to send their kid to school in person.”

Bravo. These remarks were not the first time, though, that DeSantis has vowed to keep Florida open. “Friends, legislators, Floridians, lend me your ears: We will not let anybody close your schools, we will not let anybody take your jobs and we will not let anybody close your businesses!” DeSantis declared in his recent State of the State address.

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