GOP to Kamala: Talk to Citizens on the Border About the Crisis

GOP to Kamala: Talk to Citizens on the Border About the Crisis

June 25, 2021

In a blast email from the Republican National Committee on Thursday, GOP critics slammed incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris for her pointless, guided “drop-in” tour of the catastrophe at the U.S. southern border, and instead demanded that she talk to the Americans who actually live there.

“After more than 3 months of complete failure, Kamala Harris’ brief border drop-in is not enough,” the RNC wrote as it criticized Harris’ trip to safe, TV-ready, migrant-processing centers in El Paso, Texas.

“She is still not listening to the Americans who need Biden to reverse course on the policies that created his deadly border crisis,” the email continued. “Here are only a few of the people Harris should be listening to”:

LaSalle County Constable Rene Maldonado on the rate of human smuggling: “It’s just been one after the other after the other…It’s not stopping.”

Border-town Sheriff Mark Dannels trying to protect his county amid Biden’s border crisis: “We’re losing all of our resources…they’ve been diverted to other assignments…the message is that this border’s open for business and you can come across and if you get across there will be no consequences, that’s the message we hear.”

Chaney McCollum, a Texas border-county resident: “I’ve never really been scared until now…I should not have to be put in a situation where I can’t leave my house. Normal people out here don’t lock their barns. Now, we do.”

“I am disappointed that she is not going to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) – the very epicenter of this crisis,” said a statement from Chad Wolf, who served as acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under former President Trump. “Instead, she is going to El Paso, a metropolitan area 800-1,000 miles away from the RGV. Hopefully, Harris’ trip will be a working visit, not just border security tourism.”

No, it’s just border tourism. Kamala is only there at all because she felt pressured to beat Trump’s upcoming trip to the border.

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