GOP Rep. Collins: ‘Irresponsible’ Pressley ‘Fanning the Flames’

GOP Rep. Collins: ‘Irresponsible’ Pressley ‘Fanning the Flames’

August 18, 2020

Monday on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, GOP Rep. Doug Collins slammed his “highly irresponsible” colleague Rep. Ayanna Pressley for calling for “unrest in the streets” of America.

“It’s highly irresponsible,” he said. “Those comments are just fanning the flames of what we’re seeing. I mean, we had officers hurt last night, again, in Seattle and in Portland. You know who she’s carrying the water for? She’s carrying the water for the anarchists that are looting and robbing and going through our cities. She’s carrying the water for those who want to defund our police and disrespect our police.

“I’ll tell you, it’s time we actually get back to actually getting our civil society back to where it should be instead of this kind of rhetoric that just breeds the problems that we’re seeing,” Collins continued.

“And again, when you’re willing to have more unrest but yet, you’re willing to take away our police and our security, I think that shows exactly what they’re wanting to do — is keep everything up in the air because they want to get at this election and they want to blame it all on Donald Trump.”

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