GOP Impeachment Report: Mayorkas Violated Oath of Office

GOP Impeachment Report: Mayorkas Violated Oath of Office

July 21, 2023

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas violated his oath to “well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office,” according to a Republican report by the House Committee on Homeland Security, which is chaired by Rep. Mark Green (R-TN).

“The American people expected him to abide by his oath, defend the homeland, and uphold the Constitution. If Mayorkas has failed to uphold his oath, he should be considered derelict in his duty as secretary,” said the July 20 report, titled “DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ Dereliction of Duty,” which is part of the five-point Republican effort to build a case for impeaching Mayorkas:

Mayorkas is not an innocent bystander at the mercy of the federal bureaucracy, global events, or political opponents — he is the chief architect of the illegal immigration crisis that Americans have suffered through since January 2021.

He has either willfully sparked the current crisis through his extreme and irresponsible policies, or is such a poorly informed, inefficient, and inflexible leader that he is negligent in his duties. Either way, he has been derelict in his duty to secure the border, defend the homeland, and keep the American people safe, violating his oath to defend the Constitution and faithfully discharge the duties of his office.

Mayorkas dismissed the impeachment effort in a softball interview with Politico:

I am incredibly proud of my record in federal service, and I love serving our country. This country gave my family, including me, a new life. We fled the communist takeover of Cuba. And it’s a tremendous source of pride for me to have served our country and to continue serving our country … I have a very good understanding of who I am and what I am trying to do for our country … False accusations do not dent that one bit.

The report includes much useful data and many damning statements:

Section 1: Laws and Court Orders Mayorkas Has Ignored, Abused, or Failed to Follow

Section 2: Actions Taken to Encourage and Facilitate Mass Illegal Immigration

Section 3: Actions Taken to Spread Illegal Aliens Across the Country

Section 4: Mayorkas’ False and Dishonest Statements

Section 5: Dereliction By the Numbers

The section on “Mayorkas’ False and Dishonest Statements” is 40 pages long.

Overall, the report concludes:

Mayorkas has ignored, abused, or failed to enforce nearly a dozen laws passed by Congress. Time after time, where the law unequivocally prohibits or requires certain actions by the secretary, Mayorkas has done the exact opposite.

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