Gonzalez: ‘Right-Wing Nutjobs’ DeSantis, Abbott ‘Shameful’

Gonzalez: ‘Right-Wing Nutjobs’ DeSantis, Abbott ‘Shameful’

September 16, 2022

Thursday on CNN’s The Lead, racist Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) smeared both Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Gregg Abbott (R-TX) as “right-wing nutjob governors” for daring to bus a few dozen migrants to affluent blue communities in other states.

Asked if he thought this was a good way to protest the country’s failing immigration policies, Gonzalez replied, “Clearly, clearly, tragic and just a manifestation of DeSantis playing Monkey See Monkey Do with our governor. We have a handful of right-wing nutjob governors that have been manifesting themselves in this way and feeding more red meat to their base and alienating the middle-of-the-road, chamber-of-commerce Republicans.”

Translation: Democrats don’t like it when they’re forced to deal with the messy consequences of their own open-borders fanaticism. They want red states and red politicians to have to manage the tsunami of illegal immigration that Democrats have facilitated.

Gonzalez continued to blather, “This is a new radical right-wing within the Republican Party that is showing this new face to our country and to the world, and it’s really shameful.”

As much as haters like Gonzalez want to paint patriots like DeSantis as “radicals,” the Florida governor actually represents mainstream conservatives who want to Make America Great Again and who are fed up with far-Left subversives like Gonzalez.

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