Glover: Sanders the Only One Who Can Challenge Trump

Glover: Sanders the Only One Who Can Challenge Trump

November 19, 2019

On MSNBC’s PoliticsNation on Sunday, actor/activist Danny Glover expressed his support for White House hopeful Bernie Sanders and declared him to be the only candidate who can challenge President Trump in 2020.

“[A]ll these candidates are good candidates,” Glover said. “Certainly, we can look at their records and understand they provide a great deal of knowledge and character in order to perform this work that has to be done. But there’s no one who can challenge, I believe, Donald Trump. And there’s no one who’s been on the road and on the path that Bernie has been throughout his whole life as a citizen, or as a legislator, as someone who has been in front of the public.”

“He’s been consistent with his messages his entire career…” Glover added. “And certainly, momentum is building. He’s worked hard, the staff on the ground, whether it be in New Hampshire or in Iowa or in South Carolina, has been very strong.”

Glover has always supported Communist tyrants like Castro and Chavez, so of course he supports Sanders.

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