Globalist Pope Francis: ‘The Whole of Europe is in Crisis’

Globalist Pope Francis: ‘The Whole of Europe is in Crisis’

May 3, 2023

In his weekly general audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis warned that Europe is in a serious crisis due to its demographic winter and the loss of its Christian roots.

Reflecting on his recent visit to Budapest the pontiff said, “I went as a pilgrim” to the Hungarian people and … saw “so many humble and hard-working people proudly cherish the bond with their roots,” he said. And among these roots, “there are first and foremost the saints” who today “exhort us to overcome the risk of defeatism and the fear of tomorrow, remembering that Christ is our future.”

“Indeed, during the atheist persecution of the 20th century, Christians were struck down violently, with bishops, priests, religious, and lay people killed or deprived of their freedom,” he declared in reference to the Soviet occupation of Hungary. “And while attempts were made to cut down the tree of faith, the roots remained intact: there remained a hidden Church, but alive, strong, with the power of the Gospel.”

The pope went on to warn that in Europe, freedom is under threat from “a consumerism that anesthetizes” and makes people forget the past to float in a selfish present.

“This is the dangerous persecution of worldliness, brought about by consumerism. But when the only thing that counts is thinking about oneself and doing what one likes, the roots suffocate,” he asserted, underscoring Europe’s demographic crisis. “This is a problem throughout Europe, where dedicating oneself to others, feeling a sense of community, feeling the beauty of dreaming together and creating large families are in crisis. The whole of Europe is in crisis.”

“So let us reflect on the importance of preserving the roots, because only by going deep will the branches grow upwards and bear fruit,” he said.

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