Girls Rock Music Camp Partners with Planned Parenthood

Girls Rock Music Camp Partners with Planned Parenthood

June 18, 2021

Breitbart News reports that Girls Rock Roanoke, a Virginia summer camp focused on helping girls in grades 6-12 develop musical skills, has now partnered with Planned Parenthood to offer a virtual program called Teen Connections, to “educate and empower” them.

Girls Rock Roanoke’s website describes it as an “all-volunteer, community-based organization in the Roanoke Valley whose primary focus is to empower female identifying, non-binary and gender expansive folks through music, creative expression and collaboration while supporting positive change in their own lives and communities.”

”Young people just want to know that what they’re going through is typical,” said Monique Ingram, Planned Parenthood of Roanoke health educator.

“We really get to hone in and focus on a lot of the messages that we send to them many ways in camp,” said Lacey Levy, Girls Rock Roanoke executive director. “It’s not masked in music this time, it’s more direct and straightforward.”

Monica Cline, a former Planned Parenthood sex-ed instructor who became founder and director of It Takes A Family, told Breitbart News: “Planned Parenthood is uniquely skilled at getting the attention of future clients and attempting to step into parental roles, especially for young women. Parents need to be aware of these tactics and not only closely watch and vet what their kids are watching and who they are listening to, but step up and have those conversations with their kids about self-image, confidence, and intimacy. Because really, if parents don’t do their jobs, Planned Parenthood is happy to take over – and that is terrifying.”

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