Gingrich Slams Harris: ‘Looks Like a Fool’ Half the Time

Gingrich Slams Harris: ‘Looks Like a Fool’ Half the Time

July 13, 2021

Monday on FNC’s Fox & Friends, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed incompetent egotist Kamala Harris for questioning the competency of rural voters to be able to cast a ballot.

In a recent interview with BET, Harris explained that in some places, people don’t have access to copy their ID because they don’t live near an OfficeMax or a Kinko’s.

“I think this is a dead loser for the Democrats,” Gingrich said of the voter ID pushback. “I think they are trapped into it. I have noticed a lot of other Democrats other than the president and vice president have been getting away from the issue. You have a number of Democrats now saying, ‘Oh, I have always been in favor of being able to identify who the voters are.’ And … if they want to go down this road, as you said, I mean, Harris — I don’t know quite how to say this right — Harris looks like a fool more than a vice president about half the time. And I can’t wait for her comments on Cuba, if she knows where the island even is.”

Gingrich continued: “By the way, you know and I know that she hasn’t been in an office supply store in her life. She had staff, so she wouldn’t have any idea where office supply stores are. And I would love to know the last time she Xeroxed something personally or if she even knows what a Xerox machine is.”

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