Gillum: Trump Put ‘Partisanship’ Over ‘Leadership’ in Hurricane Efforts

Gillum: Trump Put ‘Partisanship’ Over ‘Leadership’ in Hurricane Efforts

October 10, 2018

Andrew Gillum, Tallahassee mayor and Florida’s Democrat nominee for governor, accused President Trump of putting “partisanship” over “leadership” as Hurricane Michael barrels toward the Florida Panhandle.

Interviewed on MSNBC about the hurricane’s potential impact, Gillum was asked about the political tension between him and Trump. “The president came on the eve of this storm impacting our state and decided he wanted to attack me as a sitting mayor, who right now sits in the eye of the storm and the pathway of the trajectory of its impact,” Gillum replied.

“I am absolutely prepared to work with the president for the benefit of the people of our state. I think that’s what you have to do. What we can’t do is subside into partisanship and division, and, unfortunately, that’s what the president has chosen that take.”

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