Gillum Aligns With Groups That Support Israel Boycotts

Gillum Aligns With Groups That Support Israel Boycotts

September 12, 2018

Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has a history of working with anti-Semitic organizations promoting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, or BDS, against Israel.

Gillum has said he is proud to be endorsed by Dream Defenders, for example, a leader of Black Lives Matter, which has made common cause with the BDS movement. He has also supported the Rockwood Leadership Institute, an organization financed by the New Israel Fund, a chief promoter of BDS. One alum of the institute is anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour.

His gubernatorial opponent Ron DeSantis has said, “In all my years in Florida, I’ve never seen a candidate for state office who has been as anti-Israel as Andrew Gillum… His anti-Israel views are part and parcel of his overall far left wing, Democrat socialist agenda.”

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