Gillibrand Unveils $10 Trillion Climate Change Plan

Gillibrand Unveils $10 Trillion Climate Change Plan

July 26, 2019

In a post on Medium, White House hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand announced Friday that if elected president, she would implement a climate change plan that would cost taxpayers an estimated $10 trillion.

“We’re already seeing the effects of climate change on communities across our country and the world,” Gillibrand wrote. “Climate change is the most serious threat to humanity today, and we need immediate and bold action to address it before it’s too late.

“My plan lays out immediate and bold action to protect our communities and save our planet,” she continued. “Not only would I enact the Green New Deal and protect clean air and clean water, but I will reinvest in the communities that have been most impacted by climate change and hold polluters accountable for the damage they’ve caused the American people.”

Gillibrand’s “Climate Change Moonshot Plan” is another example of the Left’s climate change hysteria and big-government, budget-busting response to every perceived problem.


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