Gillibrand: Dem Lawmakers ‘Want to Ban Assault Rifles and Large Magazines’

Gillibrand: Dem Lawmakers ‘Want to Ban Assault Rifles and Large Magazines’

May 28, 2021

Thursday on ABC’s daytime propaganda-fest The View, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand admitted that Democrats in Congress “want to ban assault rifles and large magazines” for guns in response to mass shootings.

Asked if she were hopeful that Congress would act together in a bipartisan fashion to put a stop to mass shootings, Gillibrand replied, “I think there is hope. One of the bills that I lead is ending gun trafficking because a lot of the senseless gun violence we see in New York State, whether it’s in the Bronx or in Brooklyn, is because of gun violence with guns that have been trafficked into the state and sold directly to gang members. That vote last time got 58 bipartisan votes, so we’re very close to 60.”

“We want to have universal background checks, I think that’s something that can get to 60, and we want to ban assault rifles and large magazines,” she continued. “Every time there is a mass shooting, it breaks your heart. It’s shocking that Congress did nothing after Sandy Hook. So perhaps in this era of bipartisanship that we can come together and actually get something done on it. I’m hopeful, and I think we should keep trying because the nation is looking to us to get something done.”

Draconian gun laws won’t do anything to stop the gang violence and illegal gun trafficking she complained about, or even Sandy Hook-style shootings. But the left’s real goal is not to stop those things but to dis-empower law-abiding gun owners, who are the only people who will be impacted.

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