Gillibrand Continues Not to Call for Andrew Cuomo Resignation

Gillibrand Continues Not to Call for Andrew Cuomo Resignation

March 4, 2021

In a recent statement about the multiple sexual assault allegations against lethally incompetent, serial harasser Gov. Andrew Cuomo, failed presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand declared that the allegations must be taken seriously — but unlike many of her Democrat compatriots, she stopped short of calling for Cuomo’s resignation.

“The women who have come forward have shown tremendous courage and must be treated with respect and dignity,” Gillibrand wrote. “The behavior described in these allegations against Governor Cuomo is completely unacceptable and every allegation of sexual harassment must be taken seriously and be reviewed. That is why I called for the attorney general to conduct an independent investigation with subpoena power — I’m very confident that it will be comprehensive and will cover all the allegations against the governor in order to get the answers we need.”

Meanwhile, Gillibrand’s fellow Democrats like Rep. Kathleen Rice were already calling for Cuomo’s resignation not only because of the growing list of sexual assault allegations, but also in light of the scandalous revelations that he tried to cover up the true numbers of coronavirus deaths resulting from his disastrous mishandling of the pandemic.

It’s unclear why Gillibrand isn’t taking a similarly decisive stance; perhaps her #MeToo outrage isn’t as triggered when the accused is a fellow Democrat.

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