Gillibrand Claims Trump causing ‘Rampant White Nationalism’

Gillibrand Claims Trump causing ‘Rampant White Nationalism’

August 5, 2019

Sunday on MSNBC, White House hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand falsely accused President Trump’s purported racism of causing a national emergency of “rampant white nationalism across the country.”

“I mean, for President Trump to say we have to get it stopped… the quickest way to do that is for him to stop being a racist,” Gillibrand asserted. “He has created a national emergency of rampant white nationalism across the country.” There is no rampant white nationalism, much less a national emergency.

“I think we need to blame President Trump and the rhetoric he’s used since he got elected,” she added, referring to two mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton by unhinged white men, one of whom was a socialist supporter of Elizabeth Warren.

“He has used racist language and racist dog whistles on behalf of the presidency.” False. “He said Mexicans are rapists.” Trump never said this. “He’s really truly using constant, aggressive divisive language,” continued Gillibrand, whose Democrat party is consumed by inherently divisive identity politics.

“And I’ve seen in my own state of New York that hate crimes have risen exponentially under this presidency,” Gillibrand said. Hate crimes in New York are up, but not “exponentially,” and half of all of them are anti-Semitic. Trump is arguably the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish president in history.



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