German ISIS Woman Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

German ISIS Woman Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

October 1, 2022

German federal prosecutors said Wednesday they have charged a woman with crimes against humanity and aiding and abetting genocide for allegedly having joined the extremist Islamic State group in Syria where she had a Yazidi slave and committed other crimes.

The suspect, identified only as German citizen Nadine K., was arrested in March together with three other women upon entering the country at Frankfurt Airport, and will soon have to stand trial.

She is alleged to have traveled to Syria with her husband in December 2014 and joined IS there. In 2015, the couple moved to the Iraqi town of Mosul, where they raised their daughter in line with IS ideology. The couple stored hand grenades, assault rifles and explosives in their house and also set up a reception center for single female IS members at their home.

They kept a Yazidi slave at their home who was regularly raped and beaten by K.’s husband with her knowledge. In addition, the Yazidi woman had to do housework, take care of children and was forced to observe Islamic rites.

“All of this served IS’s stated goal of destroying the Yazidi faith,” the prosecutor’s statement said.

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