Gates: We Won’t Be Back to Normal Until Early 2022

Gates: We Won’t Be Back to Normal Until Early 2022

December 16, 2020

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Microsoft founder and left-wing philanthropist Bill Gates warned that it could be another year and a half before the coronavirus pandemic will cease to impact Americans’ daily lives.

Asked by propagandist anchor Jake Tapper when he thought “life will fully return to what we thought of as normal back in January, no masks, no social distancing, no other protective measures necessary,” Gates replied, “Certainly, by the summer will be way closer to normal than we are now, but even through early 2022, unless we help other countries get rid of this disease and we get high vaccinations rates in our country, the risk of reintroduction will be there and, of course, the global economy will be slowed down, which hurts America economically in a pretty dramatic way.

“So we will have, starting in the summer, about nine months where a few things like big public gatherings will still be restricted. But we can see now that somewhere between 12 to 18 months, we have a chance, if we manage it well, to get back to normal.”

The Gates Foundation, coincidentally, has given upwards of $150 million to the development and distribution of a coronavirus vaccine.

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