Gates: ‘I’ve Never Understood Being Against Masks’ Like Some

Gates: ‘I’ve Never Understood Being Against Masks’ Like Some

August 5, 2021

Wednesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, insanely wealthy Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he doesn’t understand why people object to wearing face masks to protect themselves against COVID-19.

“I’ve never understood being against masks as strongly as some people are,” said Gates, who has no idea what everyday life is like for non-billionaires under the thumb of pointless mask mandates and draconian lockdowns that destroy businesses.

“If you look at all the measures where there’s a certain cost to every one of these measures, and there’s a certain benefit in terms of saving lives and preventing diseases, I think wearing masks is one of the lowest cost and highest benefit things in this whole picture,” he added, neglecting to mention that not only have masks been shown to be virtually worthless against COVID, authorities and “experts” themselves have given self-contradictory recommendations about masks

It’s unclear why Gates himself is considered an authority on the subject, apart from the fact that he has a financial stake in fear-mongering about a disease with a 99% survival rate.

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