Gates Developed Reactors That Help China Overtake U.S. Military

Gates Developed Reactors That Help China Overtake U.S. Military

March 5, 2022

Peter Schweizer’s bestseller Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win reports on billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates empowering the Chinese Communist regime, such as when he assisted the Chinese in improving their nuclear reactors.

In 2011 — after a decade of alternately predicting China would never be able to police the Internet and helping Communist officials do exactly that — a company called TerraPower that was cofounded by Gates began working with the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) on a “next-generation” reactor.

The project was ostensibly civilian in nature, although Schweizer notes that CNNC also works for the Chinese military — and the molten salt reactors TerraPower developed just happen to be “incredibly effective at propelling ships at sea, including military vessels.”

Schweizer’s book adds that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was already working on techniques for installing this type of reactor on its aircraft carriers when Gates’ TerraPower teamed up with CNNC. The partnership ended in 2018 when “policy changes” under the Trump administration “made the project difficult to achieve.”

“The TerraPower thing, that was a setback, but there are ways to come back and engage China in a fairly deep way later in the project,” Gates told Chinese state media in 2019. “China has a lot to contribute. China is building about 40 percent of all the nuclear builds in the world.”

Gates claimed that his sole interest in helping China build advanced nuclear reactors was fighting climate change. “So to the degree we’re allowed, we’re going to be very aggressive about building Chinese partnerships. If we don’t have cooperation, then things like climate change will be much more difficult to solve,” he said.

So-called “climate change” sure lends itself easily to every aspect of the globalist left’s agenda.

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