Gasp! Abrams Calls Opponent Kemp a ‘Dangerous Extremist’

Gasp! Abrams Calls Opponent Kemp a ‘Dangerous Extremist’

August 19, 2022

Thursday on CNN’s OutFront, Democrat Georgia gubernatorial candidate and voter fraud enthusiast Stacey Abrams fear-mongered that her opponent Gov. Brian Kemp (R) is not moderate but a “dangerous extremist.”

“And so, while I understand the concerns that have been raised, we have to focus on who’s actually responsible and who is in charge,” she said. “Brian Kemp is a dangerous extremist who has tried to hide himself behind one good action, and he has distracted the rest of us or certainly distracted most of America from looking at his actual record. He is trying to play both moderate and MAGA, but he is just extreme. He wants credit for standing up to Trump, but he is refusing to testify, to tell the truth.”

Adams, an election denier (as Democrats put it) who has never conceded that she lost a previous gubernatorial run, went on to blather without evidence that “Brian Kemp, has a long and unfortunate history of voter suppression, ” and that “he has not rebuked Trump. He has not rebuked his bad behavior. He’s simply hoping that no one pays attention, and that is not heroic. That is self-interested. That is hubristic, and that is wrong for the future of Georgia.”

What’s really wrong for the future of Georgia, and the future of America, is the self-interested, hubristic, dangerously extremist Stacey Abrams.

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