Gascon to Murder Victim’s Family: ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut’

Gascon to Murder Victim’s Family: ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut’

December 21, 2020

In an appearance in Pomona, California on Friday, George Soros-backed Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón told crime victims’ families who were present to “keep their mouth shut” as they protested.

Video of the interaction shows Gascon saying, “It’s unfortunate that we have people who do not have enough education so they can keep their mouth shut for a moment so we can talk.”

A woman’s voice, later identified as the mother of Joshua Rodriguez, who was murdered in 2015, is heard responding: “My son can never speak again because he was murdered — kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. My son matters.” She later shouted at him as he left.

Gascón was elected thanks to the influence of millions of dollars from billionaire globalist radical George Soros, who has similarly funded the election of left-wing prosecutors across the country. Since taking office earlier this month, Gascon has begun implementing radical policies that have included ending cash bail, preventing prosecutors from seeking the death penalty, and removing some sentencing enhancements for crimes such as using a gun or belonging to a gang. One case involved a suspect charged with a double murder, including that of L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Gilbert Solano.

In the wake of public outrage, Gascon restored some enhancements, including for hate crimes, child abuse, or sex trafficking. He likewise later issued a statement of grudging semi-apology, claiming he “did not understand what [the victims’ families] were yelling about until later, let alone that they were victims. Regardless, it’s not how I should have reacted. Clearly this family is in pain, and I will be contacted them to speak directly and hear them out.”

If he does “hear them out,” it will be nothing more than a perfunctory publicity move, because he has no intention of really listening to the families of crime victims. Gascon, like the left in general, is anti-law enforcement and pro-criminal.

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