Gascón Suspends Prosecutor for ‘Misgendering’ Trans Murderer

Gascón Suspends Prosecutor for ‘Misgendering’ Trans Murderer

March 1, 2023

George Soros-backed Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón has suspended the former lead prosecutor who secured the conviction of Hannah Tubbs, a violent sex offender, for allegedly “misgendering” the notorious criminal, according to Breitbart News.

Tubbs, a 27-year-old man living as a transgender woman, was convicted of “choking and sexually assaulting a 10-year-old in a bathroom stall at a restaurant in 2014, a crime that shocked L.A. at the time and was not solved until DNA evidence turned up in Tubbs’s later criminal trials.”

The left-wing billionaire financier Soros pushed for a Tubbs to be prosecuted as a juvenile, since the crime was committed just before Tubbs’s 18th birthday. Tubbs was a male at the time. The juvenile sentence meant that he would not have to register as a sex offender. On a recorded call, he was heard laughing at the sentence he received.

Subsequently, Tubbs was arrested in nearby Kern County on an unrelated first-degree murder charge, for which he faces a life sentence if convicted. He reportedly admitted beating the victim to death with a stone.

But Gascón has taken disciplinary action against a prosecutor who alleged that Tubbs was using his supposed new gender to obtain more lenient treatment while in jail, rather than as a genuine expression of identity.

As the Los Angeles Daily News reports:

Deputy District Attorney Shea Sanna, 34, whose five-day suspension ends Thursday, March 2, is accused of misgendering and “deadnaming” Tubbs.

“In a case strategy meeting and in a department email you intentionally and repeatedly misgendered a transgender individual who had a case pending in juvenile court,” Joseph F. Iniguez, who is Gascón’s chief of staff, wrote in a Feb. 22 suspension letter to Sanna. “Your conduct was unprofessional, made your co-workers uncomfortable, and reflected poorly on yourself and the department.”

Sanna had reported that Tubbs is “a ‘master manipulator’ who is documented referring to herself as a man, has refused to take estrogen or wear a bra, and ‘demonstrates a lack of sincerity’ in claiming to be transgender.”

So Tubbs is a murderer, sex offender, and “master manipulator,” but because he was “misgendered,” he’s the victim.

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