Gascón: ‘I’m Not Sure’ We’re Safer Since I Took Office in L.A.

Gascón: ‘I’m Not Sure’ We’re Safer Since I Took Office in L.A.

June 21, 2022

In an interview with Friday’s NBC Nightly News, embattled Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón conceded that he isn’t sure the county is safer now than when he took office, and that there’s “a higher level of insecurity today” than there has been in the last three or four years.

Asked if Los Angeles County is any less or more safe since he took office, the pro-crime Gascón responded, “It’s a complicated question, right? I’m not sure.” He added, “We’re safer than we were 20, 30 years ago.” And “If you’re looking at what has occurred maybe in the last three or four years, then it’s a higher level of insecurity today.”

The reason there is higher “insecurity” today is that, thanks to the George Soros-funded Gascón and a culture of anti-police animus, crime is higher than it was before.

But Gascón went on lamely to try to blame “conservative counties” for more violence: “Some of the more conservative counties here in California have higher per capita violence than we do, but you never see anybody blaming those prosecutors for the increase in violence.”

Asked if the “perception” that things are getting worse will mean blame will be “laid at the feet of progressives and criminal justice reform efforts,” Gascón lamented, “I’m very fearful that that is happening already.”

Let’s get real. Progressives and their pro-crime policies and their demonization of the police have empowered, and continue to embolden, violent criminals, illegal alien felons, and gangs of looters. Everyone knows it and people have had enough of the devastating social consequences. That’s why even voters in far-left San Francisco booted radical D.A. Chesa Boudin in a recall recently. It’s why Gascón himself is now facing recall.

The Left’s so-called “criminal justice reform” does not work. Nothing Progressives do ever makes anything better for people.

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