Gallego: GOP’s Been Trying to Overthrow U.S. Since Obama

Gallego: GOP’s Been Trying to Overthrow U.S. Since Obama

November 1, 2021

Friday on MSNBC’s All In, an unhinged Rep. Ruben Gallego claimed ludicrously that the Republican Party has been attempting to overthrow American democracy ever since the Tea Party movement, in response to former President Barack Obama’s administration.

“The coup is ongoing. It means that the coup has moved from, you know, the rabble-rousers, those losers, those terrorists that showed up on January 6th into the political realm, which actually happens a lot if you follow terrorism,” Gallego ranted.

Fact check: there was neither a coup attempt nor domestic terrorists among the January 6 protest at the Capitol, unless you include the Deep State FBI agents and Antifa instigators who manufactured the chaos.

“They sometimes find themselves in politics, and there will be another attempt at some point,” Gallego fear-mongered. “It will be in the courtrooms, it will be in the board rooms as what you are seeing with Fox News, or it will be in the voting booths where they are making it more difficult for people to vote. So it’s a scary situation for this country. The insurgency has moved on from a bunch of people wearing camo pants to a bunch of men and women wearing Brooks Brothers. It is probably more dangerous than what I saw January 6.”

Fact checks: 1) Republicans are not making it more difficult to vote; they are trying to make it difficult to commit voter fraud, which Gallego and his ilk need to win elections; 2) there was no “insurgency” on January 6.

But Gallego was just getting started; “You know this goes back prior to this election. When you saw the Tea Party movement, and you were at the protests of the Tea Party, I was at the first one observing them, you saw people trying to overthrow, start overthrowing the government because they didn’t like the fact that there was a Black president.”

Fact check: the Tea Party movement was a bipartisan congregation that rose up against big government taxation. The opposition to Obama was not that he was black, but that he was a leftist radical who openly threatened the “fundamental transformation” of the United States.

Gallego is an idiotic, race-mongering demagogue. But that’s how the Democrat Party rolls these days.

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