Gallego: GOP Will ‘Slow Down Any Real Gun Safety Regulations’

Gallego: GOP Will ‘Slow Down Any Real Gun Safety Regulations’

May 31, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s Chris Jansing Reports, gun-grabbing radical Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) claimed that Republicans will use the filibuster “to slow down any real gun safety regulations.”

Gallego said, “I think until you get rid of the filibuster, a lot of Republicans are going to use it as an opportunity to slow down any real gun safety regulations… If you want to do something, there’s no way a young man at the age of 18 should be able to get a weapon that we use in war.”

Fact check: a semi-automatic rifle is not a “weapon of war,” which is a demagogic phrase the Left weaponizes against supporters of the Second Amendment.

“The fact that he turned 18, was able to go and legally buy this and turn around and slaughter kids is something you can stop by doing two things,” he continued to blather. “Number one, people under 21 should not be able to use those type of weapons. We don’t allow them to buy handguns. Number two, universal background checks, that way, they can’t go through a back-door to get these weapons. Those are the two things that can happen. But until you have a Senate to get rid of the filibuster, we’re going to have piecemeal approaches and then we’ll be talking about another school slaughter and massacre unfortunately probably in a couple in another months.”

Let’s look at the bigger picture: absolutely none of the Democrats’ gun control laws will prevent gun violence, because criminals and the insane don’t obey laws. The solutions lie elsewhere, but Democrats don’t actually care about solutions to gun violence — they care about disarming the American citizenry.

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