Gaetz: Mayorkas Must Answer for Illegal Who Nearly Killed Cop

Gaetz: Mayorkas Must Answer for Illegal Who Nearly Killed Cop

September 13, 2023

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) sent a letter demanding answers from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary and open-borders advocate Alejandro Mayorkas after the agency released into the United States an illegal alien now accused of nearly killing a Chesapeake, Virginia, police officer.

Illegal alien Yacarely Diaz-Castro, 30, of Nicaragua has been charged with drunk driving, causing serious bodily injuries after allegedly drunk driving and crashing her vehicle into the officer, who had pulled over a different car.

Police said the crash sent the officer over the guardrail, after which he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a fractured skull and vertebra. The crash may leave him with permanent injuries.

Gaetz wants answers about how Diaz-Castro was released into the United States interior by DHS.

“Diaz-Castro was known to your Department. She is from Nicaragua and entered the United States illegally seven months ago, and she allegedly claims to have received a ‘Notice to Report’ Form I-385,” Gaetz writes:

This document, while itself an unlawful papering over of your open-border policies, does mandate a recipient report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) within 60 days, at which point the illegal alien should begin removal proceedings by receiving a “Notice to Appear.”

Please reply to my office by October 2, 2023, with the following information:

What was the immigration status of Yacarely Diaz-Castro on August 18, 2023?

When, to the best of your Department’s knowledge, did Diaz-Castro unlawfully enter the United States?

Did Diaz-Castro receive any “Notice to Report” from your Department or any subcomponent thereof? If so, please provide a copy.

Did Diaz-Castro report to ICE at any point? If so, when?

How many illegal aliens, like Diaz-Castro, have failed to comply with their Notices to Report?

What steps is your Department taking to ensure swift removal of illegal aliens who fail to comply with their Notices to Report?

How many law enforcement and first responders have been injured by illegal aliens like Diaz-Castro in the past two years?

Diaz-Castro is just one of nearly two million border crossers and illegal aliens who have been released into American communities specifically through Biden’s parole pipeline.

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