Gaetz to DHS Sec: Illegals Getting ‘Disney Fast Pass into the U.S.’

Gaetz to DHS Sec: Illegals Getting ‘Disney Fast Pass into the U.S.’

July 26, 2023

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) grilled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary and open borders enthusiast Alejandro Mayorkas, accusing him of giving illegal aliens a “Disney fast pass” into the United States.

Gaetz questioned Mayorkas about the agency’s “CBP One” app, which entices foreign nationals in northern Mexico to schedule appointments at the U.S.-Mexico border for release into the U.S. interior. The migrant mobile app has released more than 100,000 foreign nationals into the U.S. interior in just five months.

Gaetz called the app akin to a “Disney fast pass into the country” where those released are “never to be subject to actual removal” and merely placed into removal proceedings with little follow-up or enforcement from DHS.

“You’ve taken this app and you’ve digitized illegal immigration and you’ve scaled it to the moon,” Gaetz said, asking Mayorkas if the app questions foreign nationals about their criminal history in their home country.

“The app doesn’t do any search of their criminal history in their home country, does it?” Gaetz asked, to which Mayorkas responded, “Congressman, I disagree with everything you’ve said.”

The rest of the exchange went as follows:

GAETZ: Well, I’m sure. But just answer the question. Does the app that you’re out there promoting do any search of peoples’ criminal history in their home country?

MAYORKAS: Congressman, Customs and Border Protection screens and vets individuals whom they encounter–

GAETZ: Your app, it either has the functionality to test their criminal history in their home country or it doesn’t. By the way, if it did, you would have already told me.

Gaetz also mentioned that DHS was forced to shut down the migrant mobile app in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, for a period of time in June because members of the Mexican drug cartels were found to be extorting foreign nationals seeking appointments at the border through the app. Mayorkas claimed the extortion tactic never occurred.

Since Mayorkas began overseeing DHS, the agency has released an estimated two million border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities. When Gaetz asked Mayorkas to divulge how many of those released into the U.S. interior had been subsequently deported, the secretary could not give a numerical figure.

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