Franken: ‘Dangerous’ GOP is ‘Most Anti-Democratic Party’

Franken: ‘Dangerous’ GOP is ‘Most Anti-Democratic Party’

February 17, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, former Sen. Al Franken accused both former President Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’swings of the Republican Party of not caring about democracy.

“There is just a split in this party, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer party,” the mean-spirited Franken said. “Unfortunately, I think it’s bad for democracy. We need a party that is a real party and cares about democracy. Certainly, the Trump wing of the party doesn’t, and also the McConnell wing doesn’t, as we know, when it comes to voter suppression. They aren’t even going to ever care again about winning the popular vote. They just want to win nationally. They just want to just barely get by. If they lose by 6 million next time, they may win.”

Fact check: there is no voter suppression going on, unless he means the Republican legal challenges to massive Democrat voter fraud.

“They are the most anti-democratic party, and I think that’s very bad for our democracy,” Franken continued. “Look, 88% of Democrats thought he should have been convicted, Trump and only 14% of Republicans. We have a tremendous split in this country. To me, it stems from the different information universes that the Republicans are getting and those people, those Trump people are getting, and the people that invaded the Capitol are getting. It’s very dangerous. We live in a very dangerous time.”

Franken is correct for once, about two things: one, we do live in a dangerous time, when far-left anti-Americans hold the reins of political power and are aided and abetted by an activist media. And two, the political left and right do live in different universes, one driven by a lust for power at all costs and the other hamstrung by a commitment to truth, reason, and patriotism.

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