Former Police Chief on Whitmer: ‘She Has Failed Miserably’

Former Police Chief on Whitmer: ‘She Has Failed Miserably’

May 17, 2022

In a recent Breitbart News Saturday interview, former Detroit Police Chief James Craig slammed tyrannical Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) over her leadership and record, stating “she has failed miserably.”

“I’ve been on the ground. I’ve demonstrated leadership. I’ve demonstrated how things need to get done,” said Craig, who is a candidate in Michigan’s Republican primary for governor. “I came in at a time when the city was facing bankruptcy, the police demonized and demoralized, the community had lost confidence. We changed that. We changed it through leadership. Sound leadership principles.”

“What’s lacking and missing today is leaders who unapologetically enforce the rule of law,” he continued. “I was on the ground [during the 2019-2020 riots]… Leading from the front,” Craig said. “Letting those know out there who were focus on criminality, that there is ‘no tolerance’ for that.”

Craig criticized Whitmer and the Biden administration also for not taking action on the fentanyl crisis. And he hammered the governor’s record on handling the Michigan economy, specifically focusing on her handling of the automobile industry.

Craig appears to be the most likely Republican primary candidate to face Whitmer in November’s gubernatorial election, as he is leading his fellow opponents by double digits. “I’m the one that can unseat Governor Whitmer,” he stated.

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