Former Planned Parenthood CEO: Vaccination Not ‘Individual Decision’

Former Planned Parenthood CEO: Vaccination Not ‘Individual Decision’

July 8, 2021

In a column at the Washington Post on Tuesday, Dr. Leana Wen, the former CEO of Planned Parenthood, declared that COVID-19 “vaccination isn’t just an individual decision, but one that affects the health of others” – including those already vaccinated.

Wen criticized Biden’s COVID-19 Coordinator, Jeff Zients, who referred to vaccination as an “individual choice” while appearing on CNN. “This feeds into a ‘live and let live’ attitude that has been used to question why someone should care about another person’s vaccination status. After all, if vaccines protect the person receiving it, then why should they care if others choose not to have it?”

Wen said she is concerned about young children who are not yet eligible to receive COVID vaccines, but could come into contact with unvaccinated people.

“If everyone around them is also vaccinated, the chance of them being infected and then contracting COVID-19 is virtually nil,” Wen continued. “On the other hand, if they’re in multiple settings every day where they are constantly surrounded by unvaccinated people, the risk of getting infected increases. Risk is additive, so the more unvaccinated people they’re exposed to, and the higher the rate of coronavirus in their community, the higher the risk.”

Like a good totalitarian, leftist Wen resents liberty and individual rights, and demands everyone conform to the government’s collectivist agenda. And if she were really concerned about young children, she wouldn’t have headed an organization that murders them.

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