FL Surgeon General Hits Back at Maddow: ‘Factually Incorrect’

FL Surgeon General Hits Back at Maddow: ‘Factually Incorrect’

November 15, 2021

In an interview with Breitbart News, Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo lashed out at MSNBC propagandist Rachel Maddow for a series of egregious claims targeting the doctor during Monday’s episode of her show.

Maddow devoted a lengthy segment to delegitimizing critics of the Biden administration’s COVID response, including Ladapo, a clinical researcher, physician, and surgeon general of Florida. She attacked Ladapo’s science-based position that masks are not a particularly effective way to prevent the spread of the virus, and criticized the official for highlighting concerns of people still hesitant about the vaccines.

The crux of her segment centered on anonymous sources who stated they did not believe Ladapo worked on coronavirus patients.

“I’m not a frontline doctor,” Lapado told Breitbart. “I take care of patients in the hospital. But that’s a minority of my role. And the same thing here at the University of Florida. I primarily do clinical research and I have tremendous appreciation for my colleagues who are frontline doctors. But that’s not my role. So my role is that, in addition to clinic research, I’ve taken care of patients in the hospital, first in New York, then in Los Angeles, and I work with residents and medical students, so there’s a teaching component also. And that’s what I do. I’m attending the team. I’m board-certified.” He added that Maddow’s claims that he had never worked with coronavirus patients is demonstratively false.

“I was taking care of patients with COVID-19 when I was working in the hospital in March, and this is before the COVID-19 team treatment team was established,” Ladapo told Breitbart News. “So I was taking care of patients when I was working in the hospital that week and then I actually volunteered to be on the COVID-19 team. There’s documentation of that…

“And then when the team was dissolved, the COVID-19 team was dissolved in January 2021, patients with COVID came to all the medical teams. So I had those patients when they came to the hospital from the emergency department. They came directly to my team,” he explained. “So it was strange to kind of see the story because it’s factually incorrect,” he said, describing the segment as nothing more than attempt to discredit someone whose career has been based on credibility “both clinically and in research.”

Asked why he believes the establishment media is attempting to destroy his credibility, Ladapo concluded that they are “probably unhappy” with some of the messages he has communicated, “particularly the fact that I’ve stayed close to the data.”

When asked if others in the medical community hold the same sentiments as himself but are remaining quiet over fears of attacks, Ladapo replied, “Oh definitely… I’ve had people tell me they don’t feel comfortable being outspoken because they don’t want the negative attention or they’re worried about their job, or they have other concerns,” he said.

“Some people have stepped up anyway, which I’m always happy to see,” he added. “But there’s this tremendous pressure right now for people to basically fall in line.”

Yes, that’s how totalitarians like the Biden administration and their state media mouthpieces like Maddow operate — demonizing those who don’t fall in line.

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