Fetterman Appears ‘Completely Lost’ at Swearing-In Ceremony

Fetterman Appears ‘Completely Lost’ at Swearing-In Ceremony

January 6, 2023

During his swearing-in by Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday, Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman appeared “completely lost,” posing awkwardly and with his eyes repeatedly wandering off while he took the oath as Pennsylvania’s 54th senator.

In a viral clip that has reached nearly six million views as of Friday morning, the former lieutenant governor and current freshman senator Fetterman appears “completely lost during his first moments as a US Senator.”

The 6-foot-8 Democrat appears distracted and unresponsive, even as his family surrounds him for a photo. He made no formal public comment, avoided meeting with reporters, and completely ignored Kamala Harris as he and his family departed.

Fetterman, 53, suffered a serious stroke days before the Democrat primary, and struggled throughout subsequent appearances during the race, raising public questions about both his health and his mental faculties.

In response to the clip of his swearing-in, many took to Twitter to describe the “painful” scene.

“Fetterman doesn’t even know what planet he’s on,” wrote conservative comedy duo Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge, better known as the Hodgetwins.

“Beyond painful,” wrote Monica Crowley, who was assistant secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Treasury under former President Donald Trump.

“Fetterneck looks lost and coached,” wrote investigative reporter Drew Hernandez. “Biden 2.0.”

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