Feinstein: Whistleblower Identity and Testimony Are Irrelevant

Feinstein: Whistleblower Identity and Testimony Are Irrelevant

November 6, 2019

Sen. Dianne Feinstein tweeted outrage Wednesday over what she called “attempts” to out the so-called Ukraine “whistleblower,” whose name actually has been public for weeks, arguing that his “identity and testimony are irrelevant” to the impeachment inquiry.

“Attempts by the president and congressional Republicans to publicly identify the whistleblower are inexcusable and must stop,” Feinstein wrote on Twitter. “These efforts are nothing more than an attempt to distract the public from a legitimate investigation of serious allegations made against the president.”

“In fact, the whistleblower’s identity and testimony are irrelevant,” she added in a statement. “Witnesses with first-hand knowledge have testified to the facts, which paint a troubling picture and should be the focus.”

But as Breitbart News reports, Sen. Rand Paul pointed out that “[t]he whistleblower is actually a material witness” who “needs to answer” a “lot of questions” about “the corruption of Hunter Biden,” Joe Biden‘s son.


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