Feinstein to Ban AR-15s Over ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Concerns

Feinstein to Ban AR-15s Over ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Concerns

March 15, 2021

In her latest push to ban AR-15s and other commonly-owned “weapons designed for war,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein declared Thursday that her new bill, the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2021,” stems from concerns over “domestic terrorism.”

“We’re now seeing a rise in domestic terrorism, and military-style assault weapons are increasingly becoming the guns of choice for these dangerous groups,” said Feinstein. By “dangerous groups,” Feinstein is referring to law-abiding conservatives opposed to the Democrat agenda to fundamentally transform the United States into a globalist, socialist tyranny.

To solidify their hold on political power, the left — aided and abetted by the mainstream state media — has undertaken to demonize former President Trump’s supporters as threats to national security. The Capitol Hill chaos on January 6 has been weaponized against conservatives as a prime example of right-wing “domestic terrorism,” an “armed insurrection” even though there was not only no insurrection but literally no firearms among the protesters — only in the possession of D.C. police and Capitol Hill security.

Feinstein’s bill is designed to ban 205 different firearms, including different variations of the ultra-popular AR-15 rifle. It would also ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Her office released a supplemental fact sheet on her “assault weapons” ban, describing such firearms falsely as “weapons designed for war [that] have no place on the streets of a civilized society.”

Like all Democrat gun control measures, Feinstein’s ban is designed not to rein in criminal gangs and actual terrorists, who by definition are not constrained by laws, but to punish and disarm law-abiding supporters of the 2nd Amendment, who are the real threat to Democrat tyranny.

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