Feinstein Howler: ‘There is No Deep State’

Feinstein Howler: ‘There is No Deep State’

December 11, 2019

Sen. Dianne Feinstein told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that political bias at the FBI played no role in surveillance of the Trump campaign, comically asserting that “There is no deep state.”

Breitbart News reports that Feinstein led Democrats in defending the FBI, despite DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz finding a pattern of abuse and deception at every level.

Democrats seized on Horowitz’s finding that bias did not play a role in key decisions at the FBI, though Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham (who is leading a criminal investigation) disagree, and Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham noted in his opening statement that the FBI agents in charge of the investigation of Trump campaign aides had shown extreme bias against Trump. Once Trump won the election, they expressed hope that he would be removed from office.

Feinstein ignored the pattern of abuse in the report and attack Trump and Barr for “false claims of political bias.”

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