Fauxcahontas: Trump Broke the Law ‘Again and Again and Again’

Fauxcahontas: Trump Broke the Law ‘Again and Again and Again’

November 21, 2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren promised during Wednesday’s Democrat debate that she will try to persuade Republicans in the Senate to convict President Trump if the impeachment inquiry moves to a trial in the Senate.

Asked by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow if she would attempt to convince her Republican Senate colleagues to convict Trump, Warren replied, “Of course I will. The obvious answer is to say first, read the Mueller report, all 442 pages of it. That shows you how the president tried to obstruct justice,” she said, contending that Trump felt free to break the law “again and again and again, and that’s what’s happened with Ukraine.”

Wrong. The Mueller report that found no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia, and the sham impeachment inquiry into the purported Ukraine scandal has also produced zero evidence of a crime.

“We have to have to establish the principle no one is above the law,” she added. For Democrats, no one is above the law except themselves.

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