Fauxcahontas Again Blames Inflation on Grocery Stores

Fauxcahontas Again Blames Inflation on Grocery Stores

January 13, 2022

During an appearance this week on far-left MSNBC, radical harpy Sen. Elizabeth Warren argued in favor of using anti-trust laws against grocery store chains.

“Now what you got is a handful of giant [grocery store] chains, and then what happens…?” Warren stated. “Kroger, their profits just in the third quarter of 2021 were almost $900 million. That was more than three times what their profits were during the same time period in 2019. Now, if they are able to expand profits, not expand prices, but to expand profit, that’s because they have a lot of market dominance. If we move in with an anti-trust law, break up these giant corporations, then we get real competition.”

Nolte argues that the purpose of this deranged conspiracy theory is “to let His Fraudulency Joe Biden off the hook for the record inflation that is solely his fault. First, Biden’s lunatic spending cheapened the dollar and increased prices. Second, Biden’s supply chain mismanagement ensured that more demand than supply increased prices. And then, Biden’s gobsmacking mismanagement of the China Flu resulted in personnel shortages that further damaged the supply chain, which again created more demand than supply and increased prices even more.

“The facts are this… Grocery stores operate on some of the smallest profit margins of any business out there. Theirs is a volume business, not a profit-margin business…

“What does this fake Indian believe? That ALL OF A SUDDEN, after decades and decades, the grocery stores all got together to gouge their customers during a pandemic? That ALL OF A SUDDEN, after decades and decades, they decided to risk prison by fixing their prices during the third quarter of 2021?

Nolte concluded, “When’s the last time Lieawatha went grocery shopping? Honestly, a stroll through almost any grocery store will give you an idea of the supply and demand issues by way of all the empty shelves.”

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