Facebook Tightens Moderation Policies to ‘Safeguard’ Midterms

Facebook Tightens Moderation Policies to ‘Safeguard’ Midterms

August 18, 2022

In a press release written by Facebook Global Affairs President Nick Clegg, Facebook announced it will prevent edits to ads dealing with social, political, or electoral issues that are approved to run in the week of the midterm elections, among a number of steps it is taking to build on and expand what it calls its 2020 election “safeguards” ahead of the midterms.

“Meta [Facebook’s new name] invests a huge amount to protect elections online — not just during election periods but at all times. We spent approximately $5 billion on safety and security last year alone, and have hundreds of people dedicated to this work permanently embedded across more than 40 teams. With each major election around the world — including national elections this year in France and the Philippines — we incorporate the lessons we learn to help stay ahead of emerging threats,” the statement reads.

Facebook said it would remove posts that encourage people not to vote, or question the legitimacy of the midterm elections, as well as “misinformation about the dates, locations, times, and methods of voting; misinformation about who can vote, whether a vote will be counted, and qualifications for voting; and calls for violence related to voting, voter registration, or the administration or outcome of an election.”

By “misinformation,” of course, the leftist social media organization means “truth we don’t want disseminated.”

The company also boasted of the vast amounts of content it has censored in the name of fighting “hate,” a nebulous term weaponized by the Left against political opponents.

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