Facebook Ignores Human Trafficking, Drugs on Platform

Facebook Ignores Human Trafficking, Drugs on Platform

February 22, 2022

Breitbart News reports that social media giant Facebook has reportedly placed restrictions on the account of a UK dog rescue charity, severely hampering its ability to raise funds for the operation of the charity. Meanwhile, human trafficking and drug dealing run rampant on the platform around the world.

Hope Rescue, a dog rescue charity based in Wales, claims Facebook placed restrictions on the charity’s Facebook page after it promoted a legal raffle that included alcohol as a prize. Hope Rescue founder Vanessa Waddon said the charity had regularly included alcohol as a prize in its fundraising efforts without issue. But last month “out of the blue” the charity received a notice that it had violated Facebook’s community guidelines.

Waddon stated: “Our appeal didn’t work so we took down all the posts as requested. Then suddenly they took away our donation button and started restricting how many people could see our posts.” The charity lost around £15,000 ($20,412) in donations, which Waddon called a “devastating” loss.

She added that it’s been impossible to contact anyone at Facebook about it. “We’ve literally done everything. We even had somebody in California go to the office for us but we just keep getting automated messages.”

Meanwhile, a member of Facebook’s management team was recently caught attempting to meet with a 13-year-old boy for sex. The company has also failed to crack down on reports of human trafficking and drug dealing across its platform, but hey, at least no one at a UK charity raffle will get access to a bottle of wine.

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