Ex-MMA Fighter: LeBron is on Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Ex-MMA Fighter: LeBron is on Performance-Enhancing Drugs

March 13, 2023

Appearing recently on Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast, fight analyst and former MMA and UFC fighter Chael Sonnen claimed that he and NBA blowhard LeBron James is on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and that he and James “have the same drug guy.”

“If the world understood what LeBron did… like other basketball players will hear what LeBron does and go, ‘But that doesn’t matter.’ It’s like a baseball player, and you’re hitting the stick — it doesn’t matter,” he said, adding, “If you knew what these performance-enhancers did, then you would know why it does matter.”

“We have the same drug guy, I know exactly what he’s doing,” Sonnen added.

Minutes later, Sonnen claimed that James is taking Erythropoietin (EPO), one of the substances that Sonnen himself tested positive for and was also suspended for during his MMA career.

“It matters. Trust me that it matters. EPO matters. It’s the reason Lebron takes it. It matters…” Sonnen explained. “EPO increases your red blood cells, which gives you endurance so you can play all game long.”

“You can shoot in the fourth quarter just like you shot in the fourth minute. It’s the king of performance enhancers. EPO is king to everything,” he said.

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