Even NPR Admits ‘Inflation is Busting Budgets and Killing Joy’

Even NPR Admits ‘Inflation is Busting Budgets and Killing Joy’

October 19, 2022

In Tuesday’s “Your Money” column at NPR online, the leftist propaganda outlet conceded that under the Biden administration, “inflation is busting budgets and killing joy too.”

“Inflation is starting to seem like the horror movie monster that won’t die,” the article begins. “The newest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows prices in September hit another 40 year high. What was striking about the data was that a lot of the worst inflation is hitting us at home: rent was up 7.2%, electricity prices are up 15.5%, groceries are up 13%.”

Comparing inflation to a horror movie, NPR notes that a carton of eggs is 30.5% more expensive than last year and utility gas bills are up 33.1%.

Inflation is also “destroying our peace of mind and stealing some joy out of life. Because there’s no avoiding paying for shelter, food and health insurance (up 28.2%,the biggest jump on record) consumers have to find other places to cut back: everything from vacations to eating out to even giving up favorite activities or foods.”

Steve Brown, an optician in South Carolina who works at an independent eyeglass store, told NPR that he sees elderly patients come into his shop every day who thought they had done enough saving for their future, but who now say, “Do I pay the electric this month, or do I get new glasses?”

Inflation expectations are on the rise overall and many economists think rising prices will last at least into next year,” the article concludes gloomily.

When you’ve lost NPR…

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