Environmental Hypocrite Kerry Jets to Berlin to Save Climate

Environmental Hypocrite Kerry Jets to Berlin to Save Climate

July 20, 2022

Breitbart News reports that Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry landed in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday to join the closed-door Petersberg Climate Dialogue. The environmentalist hypocrite will remain at the secretive, U.N.-sponsored event for 24-hours before jetting out again.

“Secretary Kerry will also meet with government counterparts to continue accelerating global cooperation on the climate crisis and the clean energy transition,” said the State Department. By “clean energy transition,” the State Dept. means the shuttering of the fossil fuel industry and the embrace of the Great Reset, a Big-Government, environmentalist boondoggle to install worldwide socialism.

The public and media will not be allowed entry or be informed about the meeting, who is attending, the agenda or the conclusions to be considered. The U.N. previously released a statement saying only that “the agenda also includes a long-standing demand of many states particularly affected by the climate crisis: Financial support to cope with damage and losses due to climate change.”

Translation: the U.S. will be caving in to the demand to give $100 billion annually to finance climate projects in poorer countries of the Global South beginning in 2023.

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