Enes Kanter Freedom Blasts LeBron as Having ‘Zero Morals’

Enes Kanter Freedom Blasts LeBron as Having ‘Zero Morals’

February 9, 2023

The NBA’s Enes Kanter Freedom slammed fellow player LeBron James on Twitter Wednesday after the blowhard leftist became the NBA’s all-time scoring leader, noting that LeBron scores a “0” in morality.

Kanter Freedom did, however, list James as #1 in bowing down to China.

The former Celtic made a name for himself last year by becoming the NBA’s only active player to criticize and protest China on the basketball floor openly. Kanter Freedom donned sneakers calling for an end to China’s political oppression and human rights abuses, and for an end to Uyghur slave labor.

Kanter Freedom explained his tweet further in an interview with Fox News Wednesday morning.

Obviously, he’s one of the best players to ever play. I play the game. He just broke the record last night, I congratulate him. But (at the) same time, if you see what he stands for, you know, there are so many human rights violations that are happening around the world that also, you know, he called himself more than an athlete.

He called himself a, you know, human rights activist or freedom fighter. So I was just very disappointed in him just, you know, choosing money and business over his morals, values, principles.

He signed with a company like Nike that pretty much used slave labor, sweatshops over in China. And he talks about all the problems that happened around the world. But when it comes to one specific topic, China, he stays silence, and that is hypocrisy. So that’s why I wanted to expose it. I wanted to call them out. And I just hope that he chooses to speak out about not only the problems that happen in America, but all around the world, because you call himself more than an athlete.

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