Emanuel: We Need ‘Reward-Punishment System’ For Vax

Emanuel: We Need ‘Reward-Punishment System’ For Vax

July 26, 2021

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and fellow panelists ripped the veil off the left’s totalitarian agenda, saying that the way to get more people vaccinated against coronavirus is to make it a “reward-punishment system.”

Panelist Margaret Hoover began by stating their authoritarian aim: “There’s a lot of things we can do without calling it a mandate. Just make it almost impossible for people to live their lives without being protected and protect us.”

Emanuel said, “I agree. I’m the son of a pediatrician…The fact is no child can show up at school without showing their immunizations, smallpox and measles. You have to make this familiar to people. Second is, I would close the space. If you want to participate in activities, you have to show you are vaccinated. So it becomes a reward-punishment system. You make your own calculation. The fact is there’s data this week that 30% of health care workers are not vaccinated. They have got to lead by example.”

And there you have it: the left openly discussing using the power of the state to coerce COVID vaccine skeptics to submit, to “make it impossible for people to live their lives” as they choose. They’re totalitarians at heart.

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