Emanuel: Trump Manipulated and Withheld Coronavirus Facts

Emanuel: Trump Manipulated and Withheld Coronavirus Facts

March 23, 2020

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel claimed President Trump has tried to “manipulate and withhold” facts about the coronavirus pandemic from the American public.

“This is a time where character is revealed,” Emanuel said. “And the president has actually not led, he’s been passive, he’s not taken control of the situation, and it runs against every instinct.

“You got to be forthright and honest where he’s trying to spin,” the former chief of staff to Barack Obama continued. “You got to deal with the data, the science, and the facts rather than manipulate and withhold them. You got to actually bring the country together rather than trying to pit one group against the other. And people at the local level are stepping up, which is good. The reason they’re stepping up is because there’s been such a void left at the national level.”

This is all Democrat spin. Emanuel is infamous for his quote about exploiting a crisis, which is exactly what he and his Party are doing while Trump takes action.

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